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International transport of goods, Van rental, import – removal of material, moving services.


We are a transport company and provide transport of goods, removal and van rental services. The Ľuboš Blažej - TRANSPORT company was established in 2018 as a transport, removal and van rental company. The main activities of our company revolve around national and international transport of goods, van renting, pick-up and delivery of material and removal services. Ľuboš Blažej - TRANSPORT operates on the market as a family business. Together with our activities we provide complex service and thus achieve maximum customer satisfaction.


We provide services using our vans. 1. Peugeot Boxer, type L2H2, manufactured in 2015. Loading bay dimensions are length 312 cm, width 203.4 cm and height approximately 200 cm. 2. Fiat Ducato, type L3H2, manufactured in 2012. Loading bay dimensions are length 350 cm, width 180 cm and height approximately 200 cm. Our vans can transport a maximum of 1 400 kg. All our vans feature an annual vignette. The road worthiness of the vehicles is regularly checked. In addition, the vans have accident insurance. The insurance includes assistance services in the entire European Union.

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Van rental:

We rent our vans to all kinds of customers. Big companies which need an external vehicle. Small businessmen for whom it is not profitable to buy their own car and they rather rent a vehicle, or their car is currently being repaired as well as to natural persons for various needs such as transport of goods all the way to removal services that they want to handle themselves. You can rent the van together with a driver or our other personnel that can help you.

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Removal and disposal of old furniture:

We provide removal services for all kinds of premises, homes, apartments, offices as well as companies. We adapt to customer needs. We can provide everything that is necessary for the removal from securing furniture against dirt, bringing heavy loads up and down whatever the number of floors is, furniture transport and unloading at your desired destination. Disposal of old furniture. After an agreement, we can for example provide the assembly and disassembly of furniture, connection and setting up of appliances.

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National and international transport of goods and materials:

We transport all types of goods and materials. Pallets and wood for heating from the shop straight to your home with the option of a storage place that you can comfortably and quickly determine yourself. Electronic appliances and furniture from domestic and foreign shops straight to your home. Kvass straight to a distillery. We are at your disposal, if you want to buy bigger goods on the Internet for free or “the price of the transport” with a first come, first serve nature. We will not refuse you, if you need to transport something in a given moment, whatever the distance might be. We have short-term and long-term co-operations with businesses.



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Ľuboš Blažej
Ľuboš Blažej

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Kristína Loduhová

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Adam Blažej

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